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  • Ceramic Cup (4SET)
  • $375.00
  • Ceramic Cup (4SET)
  • "EEF CUP Gift Set," which consists of four collections, from earthenware to Goryeo celadon, Buncheong ware, and Joseon's white porcelain, contains both the nobility and historical flow of Korean ceramics.
  • Ceramic (Earthenware, Celadon, Buncheong ware, White porcelain)
  • W269 x D269 x H136mm

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Dry-clean the cover
Because the fabric is vulnerable to friction, it gently pats the surface or vacuums it to remove dust.
Make sure to dry-clean the sofa cover as it may cause bleaching, stains, or contraction.
Wipe the stain immediately because it will seep if left unattended for a long time.

Remove stains with a neutral detergent
If you spill liquid such as coffee, there is a risk of spreading if you rub the stain.
First, wet the neutral detergent and gently pat the contaminated area and the outer area. After removing the contamination, wipe the detergent with a cloth soaked in warm water and dry it naturally.
When washing the fabric sofa cover, make sure to dry-clean the fabric to prevent shrinkage, stains, and discoloration.In particular, the fabric containing linen may not be covered because the fabric is severely reduced when washing in water.
Depending on the type of dyeing, discoloration and discoloration may occur when washing the fabric.Direct sunlight can cause discoloration, so please install it outside direct sunlight.


Wood, which is a natural material, can absorb, discharge, and breathe on its own. Please take care of the wood so that it does not dry out because it is too wet or dry.
Direct sunlight is a factor that causes discoloration and distortion of wooden furniture, so it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight. Please place the wooden furniture away from the wall so that it doesn't get wet

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Overseas Shipping Information

It's a custom-made product, and it takes about 4 weeks after ordering.
For overseas shipments, we will inform you of the shipping cost, shipping details, and delivery time within 5 days of your order.

Exchange & Return Information

As Eastern Edition’s furniture vary depending on the color, design, fabric, and custom-made requirements of the product, production and shipping preparation begins 5 days after purchase from the time payment is completed.

Corresponding to the applicable law* regarding goods for which cancellation of subscription is restricted, a request for an order cancellation may impose a penalty, and exchange or return may not be possible. Please check the following before purchasing.

Based law*: Article 17, Paragraph 2 of the Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce, etc. Article 19 of the same Act, Article 21 of the Enforcement Decree of the same Act

Non-Cancelable Items for Exchange and Return

1. In the case of requesting exchange or return after checking the product for abnormalities post installation
2. For products that have already been opened or installed
2. In the case of a custom-made product due to customer's request
4. In the case the packaging product (vase and accessory) is opened

(However, except when the delivered product is damaged or contaminated)

Customer Confirmation

Depending on the monitor screen used, the color of the product image may appear different. For natural solid wood products, the resulting color finish may vary from product to product ,and this may not be a reason for return.

Product size may have slight differences depending on the diverse on-site measurement method used

Customer Confirmation

1. Furniture (including set products) may have differences in pattern and color depending on the wood used.
2. Wood products may be naturally cracked or discolored due to the environment in which they are used.
3. In the case of fabric, corner wrinkles and discoloration may occur, which naturally occur.
4. Natural stone has diverse colors and textures, which is a natural phenomenon.
5. Please confirm and secure the installation space before the delivery date of the purchased product.
6. Be careful to check for any defect or damage of the product directly when receiving the product (damages found after receiving the product and withdrawing the delivery driver will not be compensated).

Damage Type

Product deformation and quality defects under normal use within 10 days from the date of purchase
Product deformation and quality defects under normal use within the quality guarantee period
Product deformation and quality defects after the quality guarantee period
Scratches caused by manufacturing and delivery of new products

Compensation criteria

Product exchange
Free repair or replacement of parts
A paid repair
Exchange products within 15 days of purchase

Warranty Regulation

1. The quality guarantee period of the purchased product is one year.
2. Even within the warranty period, repair and exchange costs are borne by the customer in case of damage caused by consumer negligence due to lack of familiarity with product information or natural disasters (fire, earthquake, flood, lightning, etc.).
3. Products used in exhibits cannot be exchanged for defects confirmed at the time of purchase (exhibition discount reason), and are subject to paid repairs.
4. Quality assurance is applied to our products based on household use, and in the case of public/business use, 50% quality guarantee is applied for the quality guarantee period and depreciation compensation calculation.
5. Replacement products are not provided during the warranty period.

Product notice

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    Ceramic Cup (4SET)

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    Subject to relevant laws and consumer dispute resolution standards

  • Client Service

    EASTERN EDITION 070-8129-1111


Customizing Service

When ordering from Eastern Edition’s official website, we provide a customized order service.

- It is possible to manufacture by adjusting the type, color, size of fabric, and wood as desired.
- Depending on the custom-made specifications, additional production costs may occur. (In addition to the production cost, an additional 5% customizing service fee will be charged.)
- Please note that it is difficult to cancel or change products after an order has been placed.
- Orders related to customization must be processed after consulting with an official advisor


070-8129-1111 MON-SAT 10am-7pm
※ Customizing Service is provided only through the official Eastern Edition website and showroom.

  • Product Name

    Ceramic Cup (4SET)

  • Price


  • Model

    Ceramic Cup (4SET)

  • Overview

    "EEF CUP Gift Set," which consists of four collections, from earthenware to Goryeo celadon, Buncheong ware, and Joseon's white porcelain, contains both the nobility and historical flow of Korean ceramics.

  • Material

    Ceramic (Earthenware, Celadon, Buncheong ware, White porcelain)

  • Size

    W269 x D269 x H136mm

  • Detail-1

  • Detail-2

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Product Info

EARTHENWARE (LateGoryeo - Early Joseon Dynasty)
: Korean earthenware, which has endured since ancient times, is the first type of vessel made in Korea. Production began with indigenous people 10,000 BC, and it was not until the Later Three Kingdoms period that various Korean styles and expressive techniques containing the characteristics of each country were added. Following Gaya, Silla, Baekje, and Goguryeo dynasty, earthenware filled with Korean aesthetics was used for daily life. This simple earthenware cup adds modern aesthetics and practicality based on black pottery. We hope you will experience the lifestyle and wisdom of our ancestors by using earthenware, an ancient vessel based on its naturalness and formative artistic qualities.

Celadon (Goryeo Dynasty)
: Goryeo celadon reveals a sense of noble spirituality with its clear and transparent blue monochrome. It is an original and elegant pottery from Goryeo, which had the highest level of ceramic technology at the time. The blue color on the surface of celadon appears as light scattered within the glass, and is created by the iron content in the soil, the ingredients of the glaze, and the temperature of the fire. The aesthetic value of Goryeo celadon has been celebrated for a long time - to such an extent that Lee Gyu-Bo, a scholar from the Goryeo Dynasty, praised the beauty of Goryeo celadon for borrowing the harmony of the sky. We wanted to express the curves and dynamic beauty of Goryeo celadon’s elegance through its soft form language. By carving thick lines of bamboo, the cup embodies the delicacy of the celadon and the artistic ability of Goryeo people to bring nature into their daily lives.

Buncheong ware (Late Goryeo – Early Joseon Dynasty)
: Buncheong ware is a type of porcelain made by forming a shape with base clay, then coated with white clay. It is finished off by applying a glaze before fired. Buncheong ware expresses a free-spirited and innocent spirit, different from the noble and refined look of Goryeo celadon through its expressionistic aesthetic. Various abstract pictorial elements that deviate from the tradition of conventional techniques are also reflected in our Buncheong ceramic, reinterpreting the unique aesthetics and class of the early Joseon Dynasty in a new way. We hope that you will experience the aesthetic value of Buncheong ware in your daily life through this cup, which actively reveals the physical properties of the soil and contains a modern sense of freedom through its shape and pattern.

White Porcelain (Late Goryeo - Early Joseon Dynasty)
: Joseon white porcelain, which continued from the Goryeo celadon through Buncheong ware, fully displayed the dignity of Joseon Dynasty’s royal family and scholars based on Confucianism. In contrast to Chinese ceramics, which influenced Korean ceramics, Korean ceramics show a simple, timeless elegance that excludes decoration. Just as scholars overcame selfish desires and pursued a life that valued their inner purity, white porcelain contains the moderation, cleanliness, and simple life they dreamed of in a simple and abstract way. We hope to express the appearance of white porcelain, containing a world of ‘empty fullness’ in its quiet resonance of nature. The ceramic was produced using a chamfering technique, which involves forming pottery and then cutting it to create various angles.


  • Material Info
  • Co-Founder

    EASTERN EDITION presents designs that unravel motifs drawn from Korean nature and modern aesthetics. We move towards creating a timeless, contemporary brand to become a platform that exhibits Korea's deep-rooted heritage in a new way. Every piece of furniture is crafted with a narrative,sharing a unique story of its own.

    Designed by
    Teo Yang