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Design Press: Theory and Taeoh Yang's 'Better Tomorrow' exhibition

Theory's 'Better Tomorrow' project with the participation of fashion/art experts Theory, a New York contemporary brand operated by Samsung C&T Fashion Group, has launched a 'Better Tomorrow' project consisting of exhibitions and mentoring talk shows by experts from various fields. In Pursuit of Tomorrow)' project begins. Theory decided to 'In Pursuit of Tomorrow' as the theme of the 'Fall/Winter season' campaign in 2021. It not only proposes products made of eco-friendly and innovative materials that inspire customers' lives, but also highlights experts and leaders who create hope and positive change with energy, vision, and faith for a new tomorrow. In line with this campaign, Theory is holding an exhibition with the message of 'better tomorrow' at the Hannam flagship store located in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. From November 15th to December 5th, artist Jihee Hong's exhibition 'Daily X Ideal [Day X Ideal]' will be held in succession, from November 14 to November 14, by interior designer Yang Tae-oh. Inspired by Eastern aesthetics, designer Yang Tae-oh has chosen the theme of this exhibition as 'the beauty of martial arts', that is, 'muminess', which means the state of realizing the transience of embellishments and decorations after experiencing various aesthetics. Human hands and nature It presents furniture and objects designed using materials such as wood, stone, and iron while pursuing deep beauty and sustainability at the meeting point. writing | Design press editorial department
photo courtesy of | Taeoyang Studio

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