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  • Joined Lounge Chair

    Eastern Edition's Songjung Lounge Chair, created by applying the traditional wooden furniture's texture (makjangchok texture). Learn more +
  • Billow Sofa (1 Seat)

    A one-person lounge sofa with a walnut tree base inspired by widespread fog, clouds, and dark sides. Learn more +
  • Cushion Stool (Straight Base)

    It is an important item in the sedentary culture, and a stool with a height added to the cushion that contains the heart of kindness that we want to convey to our precious guests. Learn more +
  • Black Stone and Wood Table

    A dining table that modernizes the fabrication techniques of old furniture with delicate craft techniques applied through a new meeting of two materials: wood and stone Learn more +
  • Trivet Chair

    A chair made by modern reinterpretation of the aesthetics of the late Joseon Dynasty, Moo-mi (no 味) Learn more +
  • Oval Stone Dining Table

    Learn more +
  • 3 Tiered Glass Cabinet

    A three-story glass table that retains the proportional beauty of Joseon's wooden furniture and adds the physical properties of glass, a modern material Learn more +
  • Seotak Sliding Console

    A console inspired by the Korean traditional ‘seotak’ (writing desk) Learn more +
  • Folding Screen Bed

    Learn more +
  • Joined Tea Table

    Deoham tea table perfectly finished with a single top of heterogeneous materials Learn more +
  • Desk Bed

    Simultaneously meeting both functions of a study and bedroom Learn more +
  • Sweet Cosmo #05Sweet Cosmo / 50ml

    A fragrance that tells the story of the sweet and enchanting universe Learn more +
  • Savoy Apartments #00Savoy Apartments / 100ml

    Atmosphere Scent Spray
    The scent of Savoy Apartments expressing the sweetness of flies in the East.
    Learn more +
  • Savoy Apartments #00Savoy Apartments / 50ml

    The fragrance of Savoy Apartments expressing the sweetness of Paris in the East. Learn more +
  • Savoy Apartments #00 Scented CandleSavoy Apartments Candle / 7oz

    The fragrance of Savoy Apartments expressing the sweetness of Paris in the East. Learn more +
  • Spatial Scent_Light Spatial Cent (Roomspray)_Light / 100 ml

    The powdery woody scent that expresses the freshness and tranquility of the garden in the morning sunlight. Learn more +
  • Spatial Scent_Shadow Spatial Cent (Roomspray)_Shadow / 100 ml

    Citrus Woody Scents Expressing the Transformation of the Soft Light in the Shadows Learn more +
  • Spatial Scent_Paul Spatial Cent (Roomspray)_Paul / 100 ml

    A deep scent with vibrant and fragrant Spicy Amber and musky woody notes. Learn more +
  • Spatial Scent_Bani Spatial Cent (Roomspray)_Barney / 100 ml

    Sensory, flower-scented leather and musk blend Learn more +


Eastern Edition unravels motifs from Korean nature and materials with modern aesthetics.
We deliver meaningful and timeless designs through thoughtful materiality, craft details, and contemporary aesthetics


  • 2024 January

    Signature Tower

    Eastern Edition furniture joined the signature tower lobby space renewal project based on the design design of Taeyang Studio led by designer Yang Tae-oh. The lobby space, which is about 411 pyeong, has been created to bring a straight and modern feel of the entire building and connect it from the outside. It provides a lobby space that is an important role in building trust and branding as a platform to differentiate and instill pride in tenants and visitors, and is complete with a lobby space for Signature Towers that can create sustainable development and impact the community. Reinterpreting the local traditions of Signature Towers, the redesigned lobby space becomes a new standard for the community and provides a serious and contemporary space. Learn more +
  • 2023 December


    MUWA, an ultra-luxury wellness resort brand run by Hanwha Solutions, has opened a new resort in Hokkaido, Japan, which is famous for its ski tourist destinations. With a total of 7 floors and 113 rooms, Muwa Niseko is a luxury wellness resort where you can escape from your daily life and enjoy new connections and recharge time in nature, and is located in the center of Grand Hirafu, a ski resort that boasts the best powder snow, and boasts an unrivaled position to step directly on the "Niseko Powder" through the cabin terrace. Eastern Edition, which joined the Muwa Niseko Spa (SPA) room and lobby, delivered Korean lyrical aesthetics through collections containing materials from nature, a sense of proportionality and form, adding to the value of space in Muwa Niseko with nature. Learn more +
  • 2023 May


    Eastern Edition furniture was joined by Yang Tae-oh, a space designer, in Seolhaebyuldam, which is located in Cheonhaengdang, which offers the best view and a long-distance view of more than 30km.Seolhaebyuldam is a villa with time and sincerity to select the best location among the villa parcels created by Seolhaewon and find the most pleasant environment such as light, lighting, wind, and stars, and has a will and historical value supported by the history of the Earth with 2 billion years. Located on a site containing beautiful energy and history from a view of more than 30km, the Eastern Edition collection for Seolhaebyuldam emphasizes calm and restrained beauty, making it a space for relaxation and concentration only.Please find a deep rest from your daily life in the Lunar New Year's Day farewell talk with Eastern Edition. Learn more +
  • Scheduled to open 2024


    The Yeoju Ceramic Network platform, joined by space designer Yang Tae-oh of Taeoyang Studio, marks a new beginning as a space for relaxation and experience beyond the existing show window.The Yeoju Ceramic Neckwork Platform proposes a showcase space with a contemporary concept where you can explore the beginning and end of pottery and get to know Yeoju ceramics and relax.The Yeoju Ceramic Neckwork platform, which will be expressed in a contemporary and avant-garde manner that maximizes the artistry of hand-made ceramics through historical Yeoju's site and natural materials techniques, will be delivered as a way to renew the image of Yeoju ceramics and rediscover new experiences. Learn more +