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Seolhaewon's view of the world
New Year's Eve Talk

2023 May

Every moment , A comfortable space for concentration

Eastern Edition furniture was joined by Yang Tae-oh, a space designer, in Seolhaebyuldam, which is located in Cheonhaengdang, which offers the best view and a long-distance view of more than 30km.Seolhaebyuldam is a villa with time and sincerity to select the best location among the villa parcels created by Seolhaewon and find the most pleasant environment such as light, lighting, wind, and stars, and has a will and historical value supported by the history of the Earth with 2 billion years. Located on a site containing beautiful energy and history from a view of more than 30km, the Eastern Edition collection for Seolhaebyuldam emphasizes calm and restrained beauty, making it a space for relaxation and concentration only.Please find a deep rest from your daily life in the Lunar New Year's Day farewell talk with Eastern Edition.

2023.08 70, Yeonhwa-gil, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan, Republic of Korea +82-33-670-7700

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