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Yeoju Ceramic Network Platform

Yeoju Ceramic Network Platform

of history and art.
Yeoju Ceramic Network Platform Center

Scheduled to open 2024

Space for rest and experience Ceramic Network Platform

The Yeoju Ceramic Network platform, joined by space designer Yang Tae-oh of Taeoyang Studio, marks a new beginning as a space for relaxation and experience beyond the existing show window.The Yeoju Ceramic Neckwork Platform proposes a showcase space with a contemporary concept where you can explore the beginning and end of pottery and get to know Yeoju ceramics and relax.The Yeoju Ceramic Neckwork platform, which will be expressed in a contemporary and avant-garde manner that maximizes the artistry of hand-made ceramics through historical Yeoju's site and natural materials techniques, will be delivered as a way to renew the image of Yeoju ceramics and rediscover new experiences.

2024 Expected 7 Silleuksa-gil, Yeoju-si, Gyeonggi-do Yeoju World Living Ceramics Museum


The East Edition collections for the Yeoju Ceramic Network Platform exhibition space only showcase collections that unravel traditional life and modern lifestyle in contemporary designs through the properties of traditional natural materials. 

Among the Eastern Edition collections that blend into the historic Yeoju Ceramic Network platform, the community table allows visitors to sit at tables for a while and relax and immerse themselves in the space. We invite you to the Eastern Edition and Yeoju Ceramic Network Platform's history and art, as well as a space for appreciation and relaxation.

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