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Leaderpia: Values that do not change over time Eastern Edition

Eastern Edition, a furniture brand that finds inspiration from Korea's original aesthetics and traditional crafts, presents furniture with essential beauty and authenticity under the theme of Mugi-gyo's techniques that unravel the Korean aesthetic sense in a modern context. EASTERN EDITION utilizes the physical properties of materials such as wood, stone, and iron to express the natural properties of each material in a modern way. It pursues timeless design that transcends the boundaries of the times by completing the beauty inherited from tradition with refined simplicity, and prioritizes aesthetic elements as well as use that can be used for a long time. Eastern Edition, a brand that seeks inspiration from Korea's original aesthetics and traditional crafts, talks about a philosophy containing essential beauty and sincerity that is free from meaningless decorativeness and has a flexible attitude from the test of time. Based on the theme of 'Technology of Weaponry', the Eastern Edition, which aims for sustainability while looking at the deep beauty of the contact point between human hands and nature, becomes a powerful center in the space Written | Provided by Leaderpia February issue

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